The Duchess of Cambridge riding the carriage during the Singaporean State Visit, October 21st 2014.

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge welcome the President of Singapore to the UK. This is the first time Kate’s been seen since her second pregnancy was announced. 

why cant they do events at 4am when i’m fully awake?


DuchessOfCambridge stepped out in public spotlight today for 1st official engagement since pregnancy announced.


finalllllllllly kate tomorrow


kate & wills in canada | 2011



Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.


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ngl kate having twin girls would be the death of me

Part Twenty Nine - Need For Speed


A/N: I did promise. It’s ONLY a day late! (sorry!)


The hot summer sun was immediately shining down on them as they made their way through her grandparents’ conservatory, the quickest route from the kitchen to the outside. The rays of light were amplified through the conservatory’s glass roof, making it feel more like a homemade sauna.  Although this one was much hotter and stuffier than one of those purpose built saunas.

When Ellie turned the key in the conservatory door and, with a little help from her granddad, pushed stubborn door open, the fresh air was a very welcome sensation. A cooling wind breezed through her hair and around her exposed arms and legs, briefly making her wish she’d worn something more than just a t-shirt and ruffled skirt, but only briefly. That one refreshing breeze would turn out to be the only hint of wind all day, and her only real respite from the blistering summer heat.

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i’m in Shaftesbury for a few days so I wont be able to post any fanfic updates till I get back - BUT positives are I get a lot of writing time AND cute countryside pics


Taylor Swift on singing with Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi.

so I have an italian and a spaniard as housemates and they are hot as fuck, AND THEY CAN MAKE ME GOOD FOOD


Taylor Swift’s reactions to her fans talking about dying at the 1989 Secret Sessions on The Graham Norton Show

I’ve just never been more proud.